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COMPLETE ROOM DESIGN - STARTING AT $399.95 for basic paint (two colors)

Our painting & room design range from a simple two color room to a full theme design with hand painted pictures. We assist the client with design ideas including furniture placement to utilize the rooms space. This service is for any room design for baby nurseries, children rooms, daycare rooms, doctor offices. We also offer painting and design for any room that my need a makeover. Commercial and residential services.

* Prices based on design


Belly casting is a process of molding the pregnant mothers belly/body at around 7-8 months. We offer two type of castings.

*Casting takes about 1- 1.5 hrs.

  • Plaster casting- Made of plaster taping which is molded on your body and later customized with colors or desired added accessories. This mold will capture the shape of the belly. 


  • Life casting- Is a the process of creating a three- dimensional copy of the living human body. This mold can range from a hand to the complete human body. Life castings will capture every detail on your body and will have the details of a live person.

CHILD PROOFING HOME Starting at 99.95

Why is child proofing your home a important step in keeping your kids safe? As your child develop, new dangers arise that you have to guard against. Child proofing each room will make your home a safe place for your child and will make the process more manageable. Our staff will evaluate and identify the dangerous areas around your home that are easily overlooked. 



We offer basic interior, exterior & painting that does not involve custom designing and themes. 

* Prices based on square footage


Custom closets are handmade and are design based on the clients specifications. Our staff will draw up a design and offer design ideas that will utilize your space requirements. The closet designs are built to grow with your child and or future usage. 

* Prices based on design


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